9-5-2-1-0 For Health!

9-5-2-1-0 for Health is a community-wide campaign to promote healthy lifestyles for children in the Eastern Highlands Health District in Eastern Connecticut. These pages provide ideas and tools to help kids live the 9-5-2-1-0 for Health message in simple ways, every day! 
 What you can do:




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 Start by spreading the 9-5-2-1-0 for Health message to children, parents, caregivers, colleagues, friends, and neighbors. 

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Adopt policies & practices that support the 9-5-2-1-0 for Health behaviors in your particular setting.  Encourage others to do the same wherever children live, learn, and play. 

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Join the 9-5-2-1-0 for Health Campaign to connect with other people who share your commitment to child health promotion. There is no cost to join, and we will equip you with ideas & tools for spreading the message and supporting the  9-5-2-1-0 for Health behaviors.  Click here to join now


 The 9-5-2-1-0 for Health Initiative is a product of the Northern Virginia Healthy Kids Coalition and shared with the EHHD with permission.  The 95210 for Health message and selected materials are owned by Community Health Solutions (www.CommunityHealthSolutions.net) and used by EHHD with permission.