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Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Opportunities

Advance planning and training is the key to minimizing damage and human suffering in all disasters, from hurricanes to bio-terrorism. It is critically important that we educate all of our residents and recruit volunteers while public health officials continue to work on emergency operations plans and policies.

Eastern Highlands Health District has identified three levels of volunteer opportunities:

  1. One group of volunteers would be pre-identified and called upon only in a real emergency. (This group may include people with very specialized skills such as nurses, physicians, pharmacists, EMTs and medical administrators)

  2. A second level of volunteers with similar skills would be pre-identified and asked to participate occasionally in training and drills as well as public health emergencies. (This group might include people with very specialized skills such as medical inventory management, police and security personnel, epidemiologists, etc.) This could also include town and state employees serving as volunteers.

  3. The third group would be designated as key response personnel and would be expected to

    participate in emergency training and attend preparedness meetings three or four times a year. Members of the Eastern Highlands Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and the Public Health Emergency Response Team will fill these important leadership roles.

Tasks, in addition specialized medical roles, to be assigned in response to a public health emergency are diverse and can include:

  • Greeters
  • Medical registration and Clerical work
  • Volunteer Support and Management
  • Directing vehicle traffic (outside)
  • Patient Flow Controllers (inside)
  • Logistics and Medical Supplies Management
  • Patient screening by licensed medical professionals
  • Dispensing of medications by trained professionals




If you are interested in becoming a more active volunteer as well as training to filling key roles in responding to a public health emergency, you may want to be considered for membership in the Eastern Highlands Medical Reserve Corps. If you are interested in joining this effort, please go to CTRESPONDS.CT.GOV to sign up. 


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